CS+MtG attended the last UK Science Conference 2015 from September 16th to 18th at University of Sheffield, UK.

The University of Sheffield hosted the  UK Arctic Science Conference 2015, with financial and administrative support from the NERC Arctic Office. This three day conference aimed to bring together UK Arctic scientists of all natural and social science disciplines to present and discuss recent findings.

The selected topics at the conference were:

  • Terrestrial BiogeochemistryAdam Bradley_British Antarctic Survey7
  • Terrestrial Ecology
  • Arctic Oceanography
  • Ice-Ocean Interaction
  • Landscape Processes and Dynamics
  • Arctic Climate
  • Terrestrial Cryosphere: Snow and ice – past and present
  • Arctic Change – implications for society and culture

CS+MtG presented the following article: 

CryoSat-2: A new perspective on the Arctic (Shepherd et al.,)

UK Arctic Science Conference 2015