Datasets are available over the Antarctic Peninsula, Patagonia, High Mountain Asia, Russian Arctic, Svalbard, Iceland, Canadian Arctic and the Pacific Coast Range upon reasonable request. Please contact noel.gourmelen at

They are files in binary, float format, with 7 columns:


Further details on the dataset can be found here.

For details on data and processing and to reference this dataset, see:

 Foresta, L, Gourmelen, N, Pálsson, F, Nienow, P, Björnsson, H & Shepherd, A 2016, ‘Surface Elevation Change and Mass Balance Of Icelandic Ice Caps Derived From Swath Mode CryoSat-2 Altimetry‘ Geophysical Research Letters., 10.1002/2016GL071485

Geotiffs at 500m spatial resolution for the Langjokul ice cap in Iceland: